Will Teather: “Magic Realism”

“Teather’s works frequently wrench us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.”

Professor Neil Powell, writer for Wall Street International

Next month Red Eight Gallery will host Will Teather’s debut exhibition entitled “Magic Realism”. Teather has a playful and restless imagination that has seen him described as an “artist adventurer,”but his paintings are united by the artist’s interest in magic realism and the carnivalesque. The artworks often have another worldly quality combined with a sense of spectacle.

In the artist’s own words: “A painting creates a space where the unreal and real have an equal footing. It is a place where stillness can seem animated and our inner musings can be brought to life.”

This show focuses upon his recent output since lockdown which has seen the artist create uncanny crops of legs and contorted figures. Also featured are ongoing projects such as the painter’s fractal reinterpretations of old master’s paintings, panoramic globes and epic magic-realist compositions that blend storytelling with visual trickery.

Work from these collections has previously received significant acclaim, breaking sales records for events such at The Other Art Fair and Art Fair East to name a few.

“Magic Realism” will run from May 12th until June 3rd, with an invite-only Buyer’s Night on May 12th. 

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