What To Expect When Buying Art With Red8 Gallery

One of the greatest benefits of investing in fine art is that you actually get to enjoy your investment and it can even have a transformative impact on your home or office space. Here at Red8 Gallery we always advise our clients to invest in pieces which will deliver both potential future returns and genuine aesthetic pleasure. One such artist whose work we regularly recommend is Mark Sloper of Neon Illuminati whose artwork received this glowing praise from one of our esteemed clients:

“I was introduced to Red8 Gallery via a mutual contact in 2019. The firm’s Patron of the Arts is very knowledgeable about not just art itself, but art as an investment and as an alternative to stocks, cash deposits, ISA’s, and so on.

This particularly struck me I’d purchased Art before purely for the visual aspect (i.e. I’d like that hanging on my wall!) so I’d never really thought about making a profit from my previous purchases. This was a very enlightening first conversation. I was then shown work by Mark Sloper and was smitten by the artists style, boldness combined with an underlying sense of rebellion and punk that came through in all of Mark’s work. I was then informed about Mark’s background and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the artists actually describes himself as an ‘old punk’ so again this resonated with my thoughts and made me chuckle!

I purchased ‘Pink Queen’ as well as a print of the same piece as a gift for a friend. I was later invited to Saatchi’s START Art Fair in Chelsea last September. When I arrived at Mark Slopers section of the exhibition it was immediately clear that his work was making an impact as his section was constantly crowded and everyone was taking selfies next to his work.

Seeing this added further confidence to my purchase and the investment advice I’d been given by Red8. I’ve since purchased ‘Punk Gang’ as both a gift and investment for my son, and am looking forward to this year’s Saatchi exhibition. I’m told that the gallery was so impressed with the response to his work that they’ve already allocated a huge section of the gallery for his work this year. Looking forward to it!”

Is art investment right for you? Contact the Red8 team at info@redeightgallery.com to find out more.