Understanding The Fine Art Photography Market

Photography may have not yet reached the incredible heights of the world’s top blue chip artists, but strong performance in recent years marks it as a sector to watch for art investors.

“An Exciting Niche”

Data from Artnet’s recent analysis of the fine art photography market paints a picture of “an exciting niche with a consistent crew of all-star artists at the top”. These big players tend to dominate the market, with works by legendary photographers like AnselAdams and Henri Cartier-Bresson remaining very popular with large volumes circulating on the secondary market each year.

So far in 2021 photographersRichard Prince, Gilbert & George, and Cindy Sherman have generated $3.3 million in sales from just three works entitledUntitled (Cowboy)Dark Shadow No. 3, and Untitled #150.

Contemporary Photographers

When it comes to contemporary photographers, the Artnet report notes that the outlook is very bright indeed.“These artists often appear in contemporary sales, performing at levels akin to contemporary painting and sculpture, and their auction results dwarf those of more traditional photographers.”

A strong indicator of success is the growing sell-through rate of contemporary photographs which hit 66% as of September 2021.

Artnet cites several examples of impressive contemporary photography sales in recent years, including acollection of Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills which sold for $6.7 million in 2014. In total 18 of Sherman’s photos have sold for $1 million at auction, with fellow contemporary photographer Andreas Gursky achieving 30 sales over $1 million.

Investing in Contemporary Photography

These impressive results indicate the immense potential of the contemporary photography sector. Here at Red Eight Gallery we’re delighted to have partnered exclusively with talented young wildlife photographer William Fortescue.

William is passionate about capturing Africa’s magnificent wild animals in their natural environment, helping to both raise awareness and funds for conservation projects through his work. His stunning prints offer an accessible way to invest in this rapidly-growing market and to acquire a stunning piece for your home or office space. Please contact us to enquire about current availability of William’s work.