“Monkey Business”: Introducing Will Teather

“Teather’s works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.”

Professor Neil Powell, writer for Wall Street International

Red Eight is delighted to welcome British artist Will Teather to the family, and to showcase his latest collection of paintings, “Monkey Business”. 

Will Teather is known for creating arresting images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. The artist’s paintings and drawings often depict curious characters caught up in uncanny situations. Influenced by magical-realism and lifting motifs from diverse sources such as Flemish still life, baroque art and Weimar painters, the artist enters into direct conversation with the history of painting with the aim of bringing a contemporary sensibility to the table.

“Monkey Business”

Will Teather’s latest collection of paintings, “Monkey Business”, has its origins in the winter lockdown of early 2021. With society closed down, the artist found himself in a playful but reflective mood, reworking elements of previous compositions to create uncanny crops of legs and contorted figures.

Will has long enjoyed painting curious characters set within surprising scenarios, and this new adventure sees the artist focusing upon the communicative power of the body and the clothes that we adorn ourselves with. 

“I enjoy how a narrative can be told even just with our body language,” comments Will. “I am always interested ways of pushing figurative painting forward and these crops and forced perspectives are a means of reinvigorating the genre.”

More About Will Teather 

Following on from his childhood years in rural Norfolk where he was surrounded by religious imagery and books on historical painting, Teather’s knowledge of contemporary art was refined through periods of study at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design. After establishing his artistic practice in the East London art communes of the early noughties, Teather came to wider attention in spring 2007 when he was selected from international applications to be the inaugural Artist-in-Residence for Aberdeen Arts Centre. 

The artist then returned to Norfolk where he spent over 3 years as the Artist-in-Residence for the Anteros Arts Foundation, based in their Bergh Apton venue and subsequently Norwich, before setting up a permanent studio in the city’s cultural quarter. In 2012, as a recipient of the Ruth Katzman Scholarship, he lived in New York whilst he took part in The Vytlacil Campus Artist-in-Residence Program. He is the current Artist-in- Residence for Norwich Arts Centre and an Associate Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts.  

His artworks have been collected widely, breaking sales records for events including London’s The Other Art Fair and received numerous grants, awards and bursaries. His work has featured in over 200 gallery exhibitions internationally, with recent exhibitions including as a guest artist for Artrooms London, Artwars Miami, Norwich Castle Museum and as a finalist in the London Contemporary Art Prize.  

His art has been widely showcased in publications including The International Drawing Annual, Wall Street International, Grazia, Artists and Illustrators, London Evening Standard, The Artist Magazine and The Antiques Trade Gazette. He has also provided art criticism and articles on technique for award-winning books, magazines and television.

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