Iranian artists submit work anonymously for online exhibition to show solidarity with the brave people of Iran

An online 3D exhibition has gone live in support of the largest women-led Iranian freedom movement in history. The virtual project, titled “Women, Life, Freedom,” showcases works by 50 international contemporary artists, with more than half of them based in Iran. Launched by MOZAIK Philanthropy, a Los Angeles-based foundation, artists have submitted their works anonymously to demonstrate solidarity with the people in Iran as an offering to the movement.

The images reflect the deteriorating human rights since the tragic death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody after reportedly being beaten by morality police for not wearing a hijab correctly in September 2022. 

Now, months later, tens of thousands of people in Iran have been imprisoned by the Islamic Republic, and hundreds have lost their lives. 

Mozaik Philanthropy gathered an independent jury of artists and art professionals to blindly review more than 500 submissions between October and November last year. Jury members were composed solely of Iranian women of the Diaspora, including Shiva Balaghi, a cultural historian of the Middle East, Iranian-born visual artist and illustrator Arghavan Khosravi, and Neda Nobari, the founder of Mozaik Philanthropy.

Now live, “Women, Life, Freedom” serves as a dedication to the bravery of Iranian people who risk their lives every day in the fight for freedom and puts a spotlight on the human rights abuses in Iran following Mahsa’s death in September. Her death sparked mass protests in Tehran and other major cities across Iran, with protests breaking out across the globe.  

The project came as a direct response from the Iranian protestors who were asking organisations to amplify the voices of the people in Iran. Mozaik Philanthropy immediately launched an emergency request to send in art inspired by the slogan “Women, Life, Freedom,” intended to show solidarity through the power of art. 

An online statement from Mozaik Philanthropy states, “all the artwork is shown anonymously out of sensitivity for the severe security concerns for the artists inside Iran and in solidarity with all those who have and continue to risk their lives for freedom.” 

“Women, Life, Freedom” is now live for public view. For more information, please visit: