Introducing Symble

We’re very proud to announce a brand-new addition to the Red Eight family, the talented Symble who is making waves on the London art scene and beyond.

Born and raised in gritty south London, Symble grew up in a big family of five brothers and a sister. Whilst his brothers kicked footballs around the 6-year-old Symble spent his time painting cartoon characters and even won local art competitions while at primary school.

Tragedy struck early in his life when his mother passed away. She had been one of Symble’s biggest advocates, encouraging him to draw and follow his dream. It was only natural that this devastating loss would later drive Symble’s passion to become an artist.

Before that could happen Symble found himself caught up in the lure of the street life. He found himself in prison aged just 21 for a crime he had no involvement in. Fortunate enough to be released a month later without charge, he realised his talent for drawing offered a way out of the vicious cycle of gangs and crime which blight the streets of south London.

Over the next 15 years Symble honed his self-taught skills with help from his older brother, a skilled pencil artist, who sadly passed away in 2004. Symble’s striking style recently caught the attention of one of Britain’s greatest blue-chip artists, Damien Hirst, who has supported the artist by recently adding some of Symble’s artwork to his personal art collection. His talents have also been appreciated on the international art fair circuit with his work exhibited at Art Basel Miami in 2019.