Introducing Luca Bornoffi

Italian artist Luca Bornoffi was born in Mantua in Lombardy and grew up in the picturesque Italian countryside. As a child he was obsessed with sketching the nature he saw around him, filling his school notebooks with doodles instead of paying close attention to his teachers. This independent and exploratory spirit led him overseas to study and travel, experiencing different cultures and interests along the way.

Luca graduated in Science and Agricultural Technology and Interior Design, but he soon realised his early passion for creating art would not let him go that easily. A key theme that developed from his travels was a fascination with striking colours which have a strong influence in his work today.

“I do believe that colors are a natural source of harmony and happiness,” Luca comments. “My mission is to make people use and spread more colors in this ugly world. I would like to see them listening to their inner voice and to feel free to be creative, and not to be afraid about it. People sometimes are afraid to use colors, because what in life makes you creative, it scares. I want them to have the courage to be themselves. Believe in colors.”

For Luca who proudly proclaims himself “not afraid of colours”, these vibrant pigments embody escapism, dynamism and a light-hearted approach to life. Works like “Abstracto” incorporate soft shapes combined with a textured circular design reminiscent of a ripple which reoccurs repeatedly in his portfolio.

“Circles represent everything in life” explains Luca, “coincidences, connections in life, the core where we all come from, the energy from Mandala and the imperfection of life. People tend to look for perfection every day, but even if we know that perfection doesn’t exist, we don’t have to stop ourselves to look for it and do more in our everyday life.

It means that we don’t have to stop ourselves to look for our own perfection understood as our own happiness, and try to do in life what we love and make us happier. This is the reason there is always a missing part in my circle design.”

Luca has also recently collaborated with the One Sock project for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, recreating his “Circles” artwork on a T-shirt design which will be sold to raise money for Neuroblastoma UK. The charity funds research into the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma and helps support families affected by the disease.