Introducing Lisa Thomson

Up-and-coming young artist Lisa Thomson is one of our favourite recent discoveries here at Red8 Gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to feature her new series “I am Woman”.

Lisa initially pursued Fine Art before deciding to study Woven Textile Design at the University of Brighton. These twin influences are immediately apparent in her work which typically features sinuous female figures and intuitive use of texture.

Lisa’s most recent series, “I am Woman” takes inspiration from the female form. Bold pops of colour and experimentation with line and texture capture the unique character of each subject, showing the many different sides to womanhood.

Throughout the series realism is skilfully blurred with abstraction, creating the impression of freedom and a desire not to confine her subjects to the neat, ordered lines that might have been expected during her fine art training. Instead there is a fluidity and liberty which speaks to Lisa’s views of how women should be perceived both in the art world and in society at large.

“As a society, we constantly compare ourselves to what we see on social media,” explains Lisa. “Once you learn to stand in your power, you will feel liberated and free, embracing every opportunity for love and expansion, growth and happiness. The female body is so very capable, and as a society we should celebrate this and not criticise.”

Lisa is a bright young talent in the art world with career successes that include a nomination at Texprint 2016, an annual exhibition which seeks to support the very best graduate textile designers from across the UK.

For more information about Lisa’s work, please contact the Red8 Gallery team.