The Meditation of Emotions: Introducing Ivan Gette

“Art is only as good as the feelings it creates in you.” – Ivan Gette

We’re delighted to introduce Ivan Gette, the newest member of our ever-growing Red Eight family. Ivan is an abstract artist based in Berlin who uses art and colour to mirror the modern media. His boldly interpretative, color-coded work represents how the society interacts, encounters and expresses the moments and stories of our shared human experience.

Ivan spent his formative years growing up between cultures in his adopted homeland of Germany. He was captivated by the creativity and freedom of freestyle graffiti, and the unique way art transmits emotions from the creator to the viewer. Ivan continued creating while working in marketing for big names like Nike, but it was only when house party guests began to comment on the works hanging on his walls that he realised art could be his true calling.

Ivan’s striking pieces have often been compared to Jackson Pollock, and there’s no mistaking the raw emotion and instinctive power that seems to emanate from every canvas.

If you’d like to find out more about Ivan’s work and enquire about current availability, please reply to this email or contact us here.