Exclusive Alec Monopoly Release

Called “the most successful artist that art-world insiders don’t take seriously” by Artnet, Alec Monopoly is a bit of a controversial figure in the art world. He was the most searched for artist on Artnet’s price database in 2019 and his celebrity following includes Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus. 

Alec Monopoly grew up in NYC and learned to paint at an early age thanks to his mother, who is a classically-trained painter. He’s probably best known for his iconic Mr Monopoly character which he uses to represent corporate greed and question the capitalist status quo.

“I want people to see how Wall Street and the capitalistic are ingrained in the culture, and how this translates into all of our lives,” the artist commented in an interview with Artnet.

While Alec is yet to achieve the mainstream reputation of fellow street artists like KAWS or Banksy, what’s more important to him is that the public is able to see and appreciate his work. “People that follow me are invited to my world and become a part of my art, my statement”.

Alec may not be a household name like his contemporaries, but the artist’s work still performs well on the secondary market. Probably the best known example is Adrien Brody’s vintage Rolls Royce which he lent to Alec to paint. It was later sold for a cool $300,000!

We’re thrilled to be able to offer 10 exclusive original works by Alec for sale to our Red Eight clients. Please contact us to view the works and for pricing and availability.