Collectors and investors: what you need to know about selling your artwork

Art investing is unlike any other investment. It’s best to think of it as a unique asset class that appreciates in value. In fact, since the year 2000, blue-chip artwork has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 250%. 

The bonus to investing in this alternative asset is that art still performs well despite market fluctuations and periods of high inflation. Furthermore, you can invest in pieces according to your taste and enjoyment. 

If you’ve been developing a diverse collection of artwork or discovered some great pieces to invest in, you may be wondering what happens when you decide to sell your artwork. 

The first thing we want to mention about selling art is that you need to be in it for the long haul. Art investing isn’t about rapid gains; it’s about a slow-and-stead-wins-the-race approach. The safe estimate for when to sell a piece of art you just purchased is about ten years, or maybe five years if you bought it at the right time. 

With the art market steadily increasing in value over the last 50 years, buying artwork from a collectable artist means you can benefit from this reliably growing market while also supporting the growth of creativity. 

One of Red Eight Gallery’s exclusive events (William Fortescue launch)

Waiting for the right time to sell could increase the value of your artwork by 20-30% if it’s a good quality piece from a successful artist. 

Many investors make the mistake of selling too early as soon as it looks like the value has increased, but even if it has increased, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a decent return if you sell too early. 

Predicting which artwork will be popular in the future and knowing the ideal time to sell can make or break an investor. 

This is why seeking advice from experts is essential if you want to see decent returns. The team at Red Eight Gallery are here to provide expert advice to help you avoid common pitfalls in the market, inform you of the best times to sell and how to go about it, and make sure your investment journey is an easy, enjoyable, and, of course, profitable one.

Four ways Red Eight Gallery help clients sell their art

1. Exhibiting at our gallery. We will showcase your art in our gallery located in the heart of London’s financial district – the Royal Exchange. Red Eight Gallery boasts 1000 square feet of recently renovated gallery space, a luscious red carpet staircase, and bright arched windows to entice the curious passerby.

2. Auction houses. We sell your art through some of the biggest auction houses in the country. We work with major auction houses, Sotheby’s, Phillips, Christie’s and Bonhams, which all make outstanding annual turnovers. In 2021, Sotheby’s was the auction house with the highest revenue at fine art auctions, generating roughly 4.4 billion U.S. dollars. The same year, Christie’s recorded the second-highest figure, with a fine art auction revenue of around four billion U.S. dollars. 

3. Online actions. We will help you sell your art at online auctions, which have the bonus of lower buyer and seller fees.

4. Privately. We organise exclusive third-party events and charity dinners in luxury locations around the world and negotiate a sale with interested buyers for you. 

If you’re thinking about selling some artwork of your own, or you’re interested in finding new artwork to invest in, get in touch!

Please note that the statements written in this article are not intended to be used as financial advice. Past performance is not a definite indicator of future performance.