Banksy – Valentine’s Day Mascara

Banksy – Valentine’s Day Mascara art installation at 28 Park Place, Margate, CT9 1LE

As CEO of Red Eight Gallery, The Royal Exchange, 9 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3LR I can confirm that we have been instructed by the house owner to handle the safe removal and promotion while a permanent home is sought. However, they have stipulated that they wish a local charity supporting prevention of domestic abuse against women to benefit along with the piece being used to raise awareness in Margate and Nationally.

We have reached out to The Turner Contemporary Art Gallery and are in conversation with civil engineers and building contractors regarding the safe removal of the piece.

Regarding the freezer the council removed it to make it safe and we have protected the wall with a Perspex cover. The Freezer has been returned by the council and is currently in storage for safe keeping until it can be reunited with the art once the wall has been removed.

The owner is very grateful for the gift that Banksy has given them and they will do everything possible to raise awareness continuing the message Banksy is promoting. 

The owners feel the weight of responsibility placed on them with this unexpected turn of events & will do everything they can to promote the message around domestic abuse, honour the significant interests of the Margate community whilst preserving the artwork for posterity.  

“We were not, in our wildest dreams expecting this… without the support and quick actions of Red Eight Gallery we have no doubt the artwork would not still be intact. We’ll do our best to respect the major parties involved but our key focus is raising the awareness of domestic abuse against women.”

-The Homeowner-

For any further information please email me

Kind regards

Julian Usher