Available from 9 am on Thursday 23rd, is the limited edition exhibition print release of “New Beginnings” by Joe Webb. You can purchase these on the website or in the gallery. Available in framed and unframed versions, printed Silkscreen with diamond dust. Find out more here.


***** PRESS RELEASE***** BANKSY – VALENTINE’S DAY MASCARA ART INSTALLATION AT 28 PARK PLACE, MARGATE, CT9 1LE We are happy to confirm that the Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Mascara installation will be remaining in Margate for the foreseeable future. The renowned artwork will be relocated to DREAMLAND, Marine Terrace, Margate, CT9 1XJ, where it will be… Read More >

Banksy – Valentine’s Day Mascara

Banksy – Valentine’s Day Mascara art installation at 28 Park Place, Margate, CT9 1LE As CEO of Red Eight Gallery, The Royal Exchange, 9 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3LR I can confirm that we have been instructed by the house owner to handle the safe removal and promotion while a permanent home is sought. However, they… Read More >

Lisa Thomson launches iconic screen print of Queen Elizabeth II 

Female empowerment artist Lisa Thomson will be launching her most in-demand prints this Wednesday in memory of our beloved Queen.  We are delighted to support the release of 20 limited edition, 15 Colour silk screen prints of the original work, plus 10 limited edition 15 colour silk screen prints heavily hand-finished in acrylic and gold… Read More >

Banksy confirms seven new murals on war-damaged buildings in Ukraine

Renowned anti-authoritarian British street artist Bansky has confirmed seven new murals around Ukraine. His works can be found on buildings in various locations, including Kyiv, Borodyanka, and Irpin – some of the hardest hit by Russian airstrikes.  The first artwork to be identified displays a young female gymnast performing a handstand on a pile of… Read More >

Collectors and investors: what you need to know about selling your artwork

Art investing is unlike any other investment. It’s best to think of it as a unique asset class that appreciates in value. In fact, since the year 2000, blue-chip artwork has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 250%.  The bonus to investing in this alternative asset is that art still performs well despite market… Read More >

It’s Red Eight Gallery’s one-year anniversary!

We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating our beloved gallery’s one-year anniversary! Oh, how time flies!  During this last year, we’ve showcased some of the world’s most exciting emerging contemporary artists, hosted exclusive launch parties, and discovered outstanding new talent from around the world. But above all, we have supported our clients to get the… Read More >

Lisa Thomson has added three new pieces to her popular and successful “Icon” series.

Debbie Harry. Size: 70x80cm Medium: Acrylic on Canva With her iconic pout, shock of bleached white hair and revolving, ever-imitated outfit choices, the 70s style queen has always been (and still is) much more than Blondie’s lead singer. First emerging onto the scene as a Playboy bunny, and ending up as one of punk rock’s… Read More >

Abstract artist, Nick Bultman, rises to fame in just 18 months

We are thrilled to be representing outstanding abstract artist Nick Bultman, hailing all the way from Gilbert, Arizona.  In just 18 months, Nick has skyrocketed to viral success and has more than 250,000 followers across social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok.  His one-of-a-kind pieces have caught the eye of many well-known celebrities, such… Read More >

Fine art financing: supporting a creative, sustainable economy

Red Eight Gallery is proud to offer art financing as a flexible option for clients to finance their favourite one-of-a-kind pieces. Too often, art lovers and aspiring collectors miss out on the opportunity to purchase their favourite pieces due to the hefty upfront price tag. Art financing allows buyers to acquire art that would otherwise… Read More >

Andy Warhol’s 12-Foot-Tall ‘White Disaster’ painting could fetch $80 Million at auction

Andy Warhol’s White Disaster (White Car Crash 19 times), which displays a repeated black-and-white graphic of a fatal collision across a towering 12-foot tall and 6ft wide canvas, is estimated to sell for at least $80 million in New York this month.  Referred to as the ‘Pope of pop art,’ Andy Warhol is most recognised… Read More >

One of Britain’s youngest wildlife photographers turns the tide on extinction with his latest collection

We are over the moon to be representing one of Britain’s most talented wildlife photographers, William Fortescue, who has quickly made his mark on the art world for his breath-taking photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat.  Last week saw the opening night exhibition for his new art collection, “The Art of Survival,” a… Read More >

Artist Damien Hirst burns 1,000 of his paintings as part of his project “The Currency” 

On October 11th, one of Britain’s most well-known conceptual artists, Damien Hirst, started burning hundreds of his paintings after selling a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  Hirst, who found fame in the 90s Young British Artist Scene for preserving dead animals, launched his first NFT collection, “The Currency” – a collection of 10,000 NFTs that… Read More >

Climate change activists throw soup at Van Gogh’s “sunflowers” painting 

Two climate change activists hurled the contents of two tins of tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh’s famous “Sunflowers” painting before kneeling to glue their hands to the gallery wall, shouting, “what is worth more, art or life?”  The environmental activist group, Just Stop Oil, which has recently made numerous headlines due to its high-profile… Read More >

Banking On Banksy

Last week saw our opening night exhibition, Banking on Banksy launch the new Red Eight Gallery. It was a resounding success, with over 600 people through the door on the night to see the first ever Banksy exhibition in the City of London. The exhibition contains over 35 Banksy works, from originals to screen prints… Read More >

What is next for Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, one of the most influential artists of our time, is known for his bold and political statements captured through his art. He exemplifies his political convictions and personal poetry through sculpture, photography and public works. Who could forget the one hundred million porcelain sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern in 2010; produced by… Read More >

The Pop Art Sculptor who Amplified Everyday Objects

Giant sweets, fruit, cake, ice cream, burgers and more – Claes Oldenburg was the master at creating food items into super-size sculptures, what he called ‘colossal monuments’ and erecting them in the most unexpected of locations. His art was sweet and fun and embodied the true character of pop art culture. Not only would Claes… Read More >

As the UK Economy Possibly Heads Towards a Downward Spiral the Strength of the Art Market is Defying All Odds.

As we enter the second half of the year it is very evident that the art market has skyrocketed. In a previous article, we looked at the famous Swiss collectors Thomas and Doris Amman’s collection who have contributed to this year’s sales tremendously. Between them and the collection by Texan heiress Anne M. Bass, approximately… Read More >

Key Reasons why Art Prints are Worth Your Investment

(A Collector’s Guide by Red Eight Gallery) Whether you are starting your first art collection or you are an experienced art collector, you cannot afford to miss investing in your first art print. A common misconception is that prints are not as valuable as the original piece. However, artists such as Joe Webb, have proved that… Read More >

Choose Love Limited edition charity silkscreen from Lisa Thomson

Lisa Thomson will be launching her first ever silkscreen print to raise vital funds for the war in Ukraine. The charity print will be available to purchase for a limited 72 hours. Russian troops invaded Ukraine on the night of 23 February 2022. The subsequent mass displacement of civilians from Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis inside… Read More >

The Top 10 Exhibitions You Won’t Want To Miss This Summer

One of the best things about visiting London are the world-class museums, galleries and exhibitions. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing beats an in-person art encounter. This summer, London city is jam packed with the most insightful and creative exhibitions, whether you’re in London for a short visit or just want… Read More >

In Tribute Of The Late Doris & Thomas Ammann, Take A Look Inside The Art Collection Auctioning For Over $300 Million At Christies 

“The Marilyn silkscreen has been estimated to fetch $200 million, which would make it the most expensive 20th-century artwork ever to sell at auction.”  Christie’s will offer more than 100 masterworks – with an estimated value of $300 million – from the collection of the late Swiss siblings, gallerists Thomas and Doris Ammann across two… Read More >

Contemporary Art Auction Turnover Up 2100% Since 2000

As collectors increasingly embrace Basquiat and Banksy over the Old Masters and 19th Century art, Contemporary art has become the main driver of growth for the global art market over the past two decades. The Contemporary Art Market Report 2020 recently published by Artprice analyses two decades of Contemporary art auction results, painting a portrait… Read More >

Collecting Art During A Global Pandemic

As activity winds down on the art market for the holiday season, it’s time to reflect and take stock of one of the strangest years in recent memory. While finalised end-of-year figures are yet to be published, 2020 has been characterised by art fair cancellations and gallery closures tempered by booming online art sales and… Read More >

Square Mile Watch Awards In Association With Red Eight Gallery

Square Mile magazine has just announced the winners of this year’s Watch Awards which was proudly sponsored this year by Red Eight Gallery. Competition was particularly stiff this year with the longest ever shortlist in the history of the awards. Here’s our pick of this year’s winners which are as much exquisite works of art… Read More >

Covid has “turbo-charged the online art market”

In the words of Robert Read, Head of Art and Private Clients at Hiscox, the Covid-19 pandemic has “turbo-charged the online art market” with a dramatic uptick in sales over the past year. Hiscox have just released part two of their Online Art Trade Report 2020 following on from the first part published in July… Read More >

Introducing Youssef Boubekeur

The latest addition to the Red Eight family is Youssef Boubekeur, a dynamic young Parisian artist who works almost exclusively with a humble blue ballpoint pen. Youssef fell in love with drawing as a child and spent his days mimicking the great works of Picasso and devouring comic books. He recalls being banned from drawing… Read More >

Covid-19 Drives Boom In Contemporary Art & Emerging Artists

The ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a recent trend towards Contemporary Art and also boosted support for emerging artists at a time when the arts face immense challenges.  Contemporary Art Outperforms Wider Market According to Sotheby’s Mei Moses (SMM) All Art Index which tracks art market prices by analysing repeat auction sales,… Read More >

Q3 2020 Art Market Report

Red Eight Gallery has just released our dedicated Q3 2020 Art Market Report with the latest findings from our expert analysts. Overall the report paints a positive image for art investors despite the unprecedented damage the global Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked on the wider economy.  Market Resilience Across 2020 The art market has remained resilient… Read More >

How To Buy Art During the Covid-19 Pandemic

With numerous galleries forced to close and the world’s big art fairs cancelled, the way we buy art has been completely transformed. Julian Usher, Red Eight Gallery’s Sales Director, shares his expert tips on how to buy art during a global pandemic and ponders whether the art world will ever be the same after this… Read More >

Deutsche Bank Shifts Focus To Emerging Artists

Deutsche Bank has just announced intentions to sell off around 200 artworks to shift the focus of its corporate collection to contemporary and emerging artists. The Deutsche Bank collection first began to pivot to contemporary art back in 1997, but this more significant sell-off echoes a more general trend in the art world towards contemporary… Read More >

Red Eight Sponsors Square Mile Watch Awards

Red Eight Gallery is delighted to be the headline sponsor for this year’s Square Mile Watch Awards. As London’s fastest-growing new gallery we see a natural synergy between a fine watch and a work of art. Our ethos centres around discovering exciting up-and-coming artists whose work is as rich in potential as it is in… Read More >

Keith Haring Collection Fetches $4.6 Million

Last month the Keith Haring Foundation put up for sale a total of 144 lots at Sotheby’s in an online sale entitled “Dear Keith: Works from the Personal Collection of Keith Haring”. In total the sale fetched a remarkable $4.6 million, a figure three times the $1.4 million high pre-sale estimate, which will benefit New… Read More >

“Could Be Worse”: Panik Charity Print Run

Red Eight Gallery and artist Panik are pleased to announce a limited edition print run of “Could Be Worse” to raise money to support the work of Kentish Town Social Club with vulnerable young people. Co-founder of the ATG crew and renowned for his remarkable head for heights, Camden-born Panik has become one of London’s… Read More >

Luca Bornoffi

Introducing Luca Bornoffi

Italian artist Luca Bornoffi was born in Mantua in Lombardy and grew up in the picturesque Italian countryside. As a child he was obsessed with sketching the nature he saw around him, filling his school notebooks with doodles instead of paying close attention to his teachers. This independent and exploratory spirit led him overseas to… Read More >

Introducing Graceland

For London-born artist Graceland, bold use of colour and subtle humour conceals a deeper need to explore our very human obsession with consumption, and with ourselves. Graceland studied Fine Art and History of Art at Hampstead Fine Arts, honing her skills in animation and digital design which heavily influence her work today. Other influences, like… Read More >

Art As An Alternative Investment

Art investment is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative asset with around 55% of wealth managers now reporting requests from their clients for assistance in purchasing art and other collectibles. If you are considering taking the plunge into the art market, there are plenty of reasons why art can be a very sound investment as… Read More >

Introducing Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy is a man of many talents. As well as being a world-renowned artist, he’s the founder of athletic wear brand Solfire, social activist, and previously worked as both a pro basketball player and Wall Street trader. Born in Bloomington in Indiana, Murphy began his artistic career in New York City and cut his… Read More >

Introducing Lisa Thomson

Up-and-coming young artist Lisa Thomson is one of our favourite recent discoveries here at Red8 Gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to feature her new series “I am Woman”. Lisa initially pursued Fine Art before deciding to study Woven Textile Design at the University of Brighton. These twin influences are immediately apparent in her… Read More >

Double Entendre: Introducing Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds was founded by artists Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart who decided to start working together in 2014, drawn together by a mutual passion for exploring the absurd and the provocative. Prior to setting out on this new adventure, both had been involved in the creation of bizarre props and installations. Their work today… Read More >

What To Expect When Buying Art With Red8 Gallery

One of the greatest benefits of investing in fine art is that you actually get to enjoy your investment and it can even have a transformative impact on your home or office space. Here at Red8 Gallery we always advise our clients to invest in pieces which will deliver both potential future returns and genuine… Read More >

Rachel Chamberlain: Inspired By The Tune Of The Universe

Known for both her striking portraits and contemplative large-scale abstract work, Rachel Chamberlain was born in Baltimore and studied fashion and illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Rachel’s artistic calling was evident at an early age and she credits her free-spirited style and individuality to the experience of growing up as an… Read More >

Introducing Adel Dauood

From his early years Adel Dauood showed a natural flair and talent for artistic expression, taking up drawing in his fifth grade at school and participating in numerous painting competitions. This nascent interest was nurtured and inspired by those close to him who gave him the freedom to experiment and explore. Adel went on to… Read More >

Cayla Birk: Secrets Decoded

Red8 Gallery favourite and young rising star Cayla Birk creates cryptic canvases laden with hidden meaning from her Palm Beach studio. One of our hottest new discoveries for 2020, Cayla celebrated her first solo show named “Throwing Shade” at Maddox Gallery in Los Angeles last October and recently spoke to Artnet about her love of… Read More >

Artists Reflect On The Covid-19 Pandemic

Against a backdrop of unprecedented global upheaval and untold loss, the Covid-19 pandemic has also given many of us time to reflect on the status quo. For many in the art world, the present situation we find ourselves in has presented an inspiring opportunity to imagine and create a better world and embrace a new… Read More >

Richard Hambleton: The Godfather Of Street Art

Nicknamed the “Godfather of street art”, the late Richard Hambleton was born in Vancouver in 1952 and is best known for his sinister shadowman silhouettes daubed on buildings in New York. Hambleton studied at the Vancouver School of Art and began his striking “Image Mass Murder” series in 1976, taking influence from the chalk outlines… Read More >

Covid-19: What Does The Future Hold For The Art Market?

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the markets, what does the future hold for the art world? We’re already seeing substantial changes to the way art is being viewed, purchased and auctioned, but what can investors expect to see over the next year or so? Naturally, the first consideration is market performance. While the… Read More >

Introducing London’s Sky High Graffiti Artist Panik

Co-founder of the ATG crew and renowned for his remarkable head for heights, Panik has become one of London’s most sought-after graffiti artists. Red8 is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the artist whose eye-catching work has been exhibited all over the world. Born and raised in Camden in north London, Panik’s journey… Read More >

What happens to the art market during a recession?

With major stock market tumbles and growing economic uncertainty, the shockwaves of Covid-19 look set to ravage the world’s economy for months if not years to come. At these times many investors put their trust in alternative investments like art, fine wine and gold since they are perceived to hold their value better than global… Read More >

The Healing Power Of Art

In recent years artists, therapists, collectors and curators have begun to recognise the power of art to bring beneficial health effects. During times of personal and global crisis, art can offer a positive counterpoint to the endless cycles of bad news and even bring relief for conditions like anxiety and PTSD. Research has long demonstrated… Read More >

Street Art On The Podium

A key trend for 2019 has been the continuing rise of street art with more and more pieces seen on auction podiums across the globe. This includes superstar street artists like Kaws and Banksy, but also lesser-known rising stars like Invader, Stik, Shepard Fairey and Vhils. This is a trend that we can expect to… Read More >

Contemporary Art Performs Well

Contemporary art continues to perform strongly according to the Artprice by Artmarket report. Over the past 19 years the trade in contemporary artworks has rocketed by 1800% with the Contemporary Art price index rising 22% over 2018-2019. This sector is particularly exciting for investors since the majority of these artists are living and thus the… Read More >

Record Lots Sold At Auction

Highlights of the report include a new historical high for the number of lots sold globally at auction which hit 550,000 during 2019 with an impressive average lot price of $24,300. This represents the highest number of lots sold in any year since 1945. These lots sold for a total of $13.3 billion which is… Read More >

2019 Annual Art Market Report Shows Record Transactions & Consistent Growth

Confidence remains buoyant in the art world with a record number of transactions achieved across the previous 12 months according to the 2019 Annual Art Market Report from Artprice by Artmarket. The 22nd annual report has been put together by one of the world’s leading art market research providers which curates global rankings of top-selling… Read More >


Considered one of the most talented portrait painters of our time and regularly compared with Freud, Auerbach and De Kooning, Paul Wright is best known for his bold pops of colour and decisive brush strokes which create a provocative combination of abstraction and likeness. Mostfeature studies of the human head, with famous subjects including Winston… Read More >

Banksy in Bristol

A new artwork spotted in Bristol has been confirmed as the work of world-famous street artist Banksy after the artist posted images of it on his Instagram account and website. The piece features a girl firing red flowers into the air with a slingshot and has been dubbed “the Valentine’s Banksy” since it seems to… Read More >