Will Teather: “Magic Realism”

“Teather’s works frequently wrench us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.” Professor Neil Powell, writer for Wall Street International Next month Red Eight Gallery will host Will Teather’s debut exhibition entitled “Magic Realism”. Teather has a… Read More >

Keith Haring: Subway Drawings

Legendary artist Keith Haring rose to prominence in 1980s New York within the East Village art scene alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, and Jenny Holzer. He bridged the gap between the art world and the street, graffiting city subways and sidewalks before committing to a studio practice. Keith Haring drew over 5,000 chalk drawings over… Read More >

The Meditation of Emotions: Introducing Ivan Gette

“Art is only as good as the feelings it creates in you.” – Ivan Gette We’re delighted to introduce Ivan Gette, the newest member of our ever-growing Red Eight family. Ivan is an abstract artist based in Berlin who uses art and colour to mirror the modern media. His boldly interpretative, color-coded work represents how the… Read More >

New PANIK Collection Just Released

We’re delighted to release a brand new collection from esteemed street artist PANIK.  Born and raised in Camden, North London, PANIK started his graffiti paintings in 1999, influenced and propelled by the DIY attitude and energy of the many subcultures swirling around the city streets at the time. Using mixed media, including his own photography… Read More >

“Nomads”: Award-Winning Wildlife Photography

Red Eight Gallery are delighted to introduce William’s award winning collection, ‘Nomads’. These six stunning images depict Africa’s most iconic species in their natural habitats, displaying organic behaviours – a key element in William’s work. “Putting this collection together has been some of the most enjoyable and challenging work of my career. Knowing we had to top… Read More >

Christie’s £250 Million Sale Kicks Off Spring Auctions

Christie’s kicked off the spring auction circuit in style last week with an impressive £250 million sale held in both London and Shanghai. In total 95 lots out of 105 offered sold with works spanning the 20th and 21st centuries. Notably, this was the first time that Christie’s has added a Shanghai component to their… Read More >

“Intimacy”: New Lisa Thomson Exhibition Opens 10th March

Entitled “Intimacy”, Lisa Thomson’s new show in the Royal Exchange will feature a series of stunning original artworks by the talented young female artist. Timed to celebrate International Women’s Day, the show will feature some of Lisa’s powerful female icon portraits as well as selected nudes and hands. The show will run from March 11th until March 25th. Red Eight clients… Read More >

Last Few Joe Webb Original Artworks Remaining

Thanks to the great success of our Joe Webb “New Earth” exhibition, we just have a few remaining artworks still available for purchase. You can click the button below to view the remaining works, and please get in touch with us by emailing us at info@redeightgallery.com to reserve your chosen artwork.  We also have a… Read More >

A Return To Normality: Reviewing The Art Market In 2021

2021 has represented a return to normality for the art market, with pent-up demandfrom the COVID-19 pandemic and growing interest in NFTs from wealthy cryptocurrency investors driving record sales. One telling measure of this buoyant mood is performance at the fall art auctions in New York where sales in excess of $2.6 billion set a… Read More >

Joe Webb “New Earth” Exhibition February 10th-25th

Kicking off our busy exhibition schedule for 2022 is Joe Webb with “New Earth, a series of hand-crafted collages with profound messages embedded into each piece. The exhibition will run from February 10th to 25th at our Royal Exchange gallery space, with an invite-only Buyer’s Night on the 10th of February. Inspired by art from… Read More >

Miniature Banksy Model Auctioned For £1 Million

In the summer of 2021 cult British street artist Banksy was back in the headlines for “A Great British Spraycation” which featured nine works in East Anglian coastal towns. The most unusual work in the collection was a tiny model stable the artist discreetly inserted into a medieval model village in Great Yarmouth. It wasn’t… Read More >

A “New Frontier”: Annual Art Market Report 2021

“Two years on from the beginnings of the COVID-19, it’s fair to say that the art world is almost back to normal with pent-up demand driving record sales in 2021. Much of this activity has been driven by a combination of low interest rates, the wealth effect created by bullish stock markets, and a rising… Read More >

William Fortescue: Six Images Chosen For Monochrome Awards 2021

We’re delighted to announce that six images by the talented wildlife photographer William Fortescue have received awards at the Monochrome Awards 2021. Let’s hear from William himself on what the awards mean to him: “With my work over the last three years focused on African wildlife, featuring a major emphasis on elephant imagery, it was… Read More >

Introducing Joe Webb

Here at Red Eight Gallery we’re starting the new year by welcoming the talented Joe Webb to our ever-growing family of artists. Joe Webb started out as a graphic designer before falling out of love with the technology side of art and turning his attention to ‘analogue’ collage. Creating beautiful, hand-crafted collages with strong undercurrents… Read More >

The Ultimate Art Gift Guide

Looking for that special gift to impress a loved one, or perhaps for yourself? Below you’ll find our curated selection of some of our favourite pieces that are just perfect for festive gifting. Should you wish to place an order, please click below to contact us or reply directly to this email.  If you’d like a little more guidance, please… Read More >

William Fortescue: A Year Behind The Lens

“Trying to work out how to describe 2021 is like trying to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling with chopsticks. So, ignoring the obvious and refusing to use the words “unprecedented”, “lockdown”, or “socially distanced”, I’ll attempt to look back at 2021 with fondness for, despite its glaring faults, I’ve found lots to be positive about.“… Read More >

“Decades of Divine Beauty”: Bluntroller Pop-up Exhibition

Following our packed first exhibition at the Royal Exchange at the end of November, this week Red Eight Gallery will host an exclusive pop-up exhibition “Decades of Divine Beauty” featuring the work of talented urban artist Bluntroller. The show will run for two days only, on the 9th and 10th of December, at the Royal Exchange in… Read More >

Art Dealers Struggle To Keep Up With Demand At Art Basel Miami

After a two-year break, Art Basel Miami returned to the Miami Beach Convention Center earlier this week with strong attendance from celebrity art collectors and wealthy aficionados. According to Artnet, just within the first few hours of the preview tens of millions of dollars had already been spent. Although the event was reportedly less crowded than… Read More >

Reviewing Key Art Market Trends For 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, it’s a fitting moment to reflect on how key trends have played out across the year, and to reflect on what we can expect heading into 2022. The art market has largely recovered from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, with next year expected to bring further growth… Read More >

Red Eight Gallery Hosts First Exhibition At Royal Exchange

Red Eight Gallery celebrated a very well-attended opening night of Panik’s “Life Laundry” exhibition at our dedicated gallery space in the Royal Exchange on November 25th. The event was an opportunity for many of our clients to join us in exploring Panik’s latest work and to view our new home in the heart of the… Read More >

Art Market Overview Q3 2021

While there’s no denying 2021 remains an unusual year, the art world has seenstrong summer sales and the return of in-person exhibitions. Auction houses areall reporting sale rates that exceed pre-pandemic levels as collectors and dealersreturn to confidence levels not seen for almost two years years. The Art Basel and UBS mid-year review for 2021… Read More >

Life Laundry: Panik’s First Exhibition In A Decade

Graffiti artist Panik’s first exhibition in nearly a decade will be held at the new Red Eight Gallery space in the Royal Exchange. Born and raised in Camden, north London, Panik started painting graffiti in 1999, influenced and propelled by the DIY attitude and energy of the many subcultures swirling around the city streets at… Read More >

At The “Precipice”: Limited Edition Rhino Prints From William Fortescue

Red Eight Gallery is thrilled to announce a limited print run of wildlife photographer’s stunning “Precipice” image featuring a critically-endangered white rhino at Ol Pejeta in Kenya. “The fate of the rhino has long been, and remains today, in the balance. Once widespread they are declining in numbers frighteningly quickly and as a result stand… Read More >

“Monkey Business”: Introducing Will Teather

“Teather’s works frequently wrenches us back and forth through time and style; As we are shifted between romanticism and classicism we are left entranced, entertained and certainly captivated by the uncertainties.” Professor Neil Powell, writer for Wall Street International Red Eight is delighted to welcome British artist Will Teather to the family, and to showcase… Read More >

Introducing Boogie Moli

David Moli, or Boogie Moli as he’s better known, is a graffiti artist from Manchester, England. In his youth, Boogie was a semi-professional footballer for Liverpool and lived with Raheem Sterling during his time there. Since then he has established himself in the art world as a poster boy for professional footballers and their interest… Read More >

Q3 2021 Art Market Report

“Q3 has been packed with exciting releases and events here at Red Eight Gallery, including a brand-new series named “Iconic” by up-and-coming Lisa Thomson which explores female icons in the arts world. We’re also delighted to be able to offer ten original artworks by Alec Monopoly, the NYC street artist who’s been called “the most… Read More >

Precipice: William Fortescue’s New Rhino Print Release

Red Eight Gallery is delighted to announce the release of “Precipice”, a brand-new print from acclaimed wildlife photographer William Fortescue: “The fate of the rhino has long been, and remains today, in the balance. Once widespread they are declining in numbers frighteningly quickly and as a result stand on the precipice of extinction.  When shooting white rhino images… Read More >

Understanding The Fine Art Photography Market

Photography may have not yet reached the incredible heights of the world’s top blue chip artists, but strong performance in recent years marks it as a sector to watch for art investors. “An Exciting Niche” Data from Artnet’s recent analysis of the fine art photography market paints a picture of “an exciting niche with a… Read More >

Iconic: Lisa Thomson New Series

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Lisa Thomson’s new series, Iconic, which explores some of the greatest women to have graced the arts as well as Europe’s royal houses. To enquire about pricing and availability, please click below or email julian.usher@redeightgallery.com. Introducing Lisa Thomson Inspired by the human form and unique colour combinations,… Read More >

Financial Times Exclusive: Banking On Banksy

Red Eight Gallery’s very own Julian Usher recently spoke to the FT Adviser about the merits of contemporary art investment: “After “Great British Spraycation” put Banksy back in the spotlight over the summer, demand for the iconic street artist’s work shows no signs of abating. During H1 2021 a total of 27 Banksy originals sold… Read More >

Exclusive Alec Monopoly Release

Called “the most successful artist that art-world insiders don’t take seriously” by Artnet, Alec Monopoly is a bit of a controversial figure in the art world. He was the most searched for artist on Artnet’s price database in 2019 and his celebrity following includes Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus.  Alec Monopoly grew up in NYC… Read More >

Exclusive William Fortescue NFT Launch

NFTs are an exciting new concept in the art world, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this emerging opportunity. The origins of NFTs go back to 2012 when the tech world first came up with the idea of issuing actual assets like real estate on a secure blockchain. This might sound complicated,… Read More >

Red Eight Attends Jet-Set Luxury Lifestyle Event

Over the weekend Red Eight Gallery attended The Elite London, the exclusive luxury lifestyle showcase held at the private airfield Wycombe Air Park in the Chilterns. The annual event features over 225 luxury brands offering the very finest things in life from private jet charters and top-of-the-range sports cars to yachts and property development. Also on… Read More >

Contemporary Art, Fine Wine & Cigars

Last week Red Eight Gallery hosted an exclusive event in partnership with premium cigar brand Davidoff and cigar writer Nick Hendry. Guests were treated to an evening of fine wines and cigar sampling on the terrace of the Oeno House wine boutique in London’s Royal Exchange. Nick Hendry was on hand to talk guests through… Read More >

Banksy’s “A Great British Spraycation”: Commodification or Cover-Up?

Banksy seems never far from the headlines these days. The world’s most loved anonymous street artist was back in the news over the summer for “A Great British Spraycation” featuring nine works in East Anglian coastal towns.  The new works feature Banksy’s characteristic hard-hitting social commentary like the cluster of hermit crabs at Cromer, one… Read More >

Complimentary Tickets To The Elite London

Red Eight Gallery will attend this year’s The Elite London luxury lifestyle showcase held over the 17th-18th of September. This exclusive event features over 225 luxury brands exhibiting at the private airfield Wycombe Air Park which is set in the stunning Chilterns. The action-packed event offers visitors the chance to indulge in the finer things… Read More >

Introducing Robyn Ward

“Each layer depicts a different fragment of time, often they are screenshots of parts of my life.” Contemporary Irish painter Robyn Ward was born in Dublin and grew up in Northern Ireland where he cut his teeth creating large-scale graffiti works on derelict buildings. He later honed his self-taught talent in studios and collectives across… Read More >

Art Market Report Q2 2021

After a challenging 18 months, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to taking time out to be with family and friends this summer. There’s no denying that the art market has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with the closures of gal- leries and cancellation of many leading art fairs. Fortunately the market has en-… Read More >

Art Market Confidence At Seven-Year High

According to art market analysts at ArtTactic, confidence in the art market has just hit its highest point since January 2014. The stats come from a survey conducted every six months involving 113 art market professionals and was last carried out in mid-July. The current confidence level is ranked at 80.6 out of 100, a… Read More >

Are NFTs the future of the art market?

Red Eight Gallery has partnered with Rare.Market to offer our clients the unique opportunity to get involved in the booming digital art market. For the very first time collectors and investors are now able to buy a piece of physical art and also receive exclusive digital ownership of that work as a non-fungible token (NFT)…. Read More >

Red Eight Gallery Joins Artnet

Red Eight Gallery has just joined Artnet, the leading online art platform connecting collectors with galleries and artists all over the world. The popular site is visited by 31 million art enthusiasts and collectors annually, making it the ideal place for Red Eight Gallery to showcase the work of our talented emerging artists to a… Read More >

Rare.Market NFT Partnership

Red Eight Gallery is very excited to announce a new partnership with Rare.Market that will bring together the worlds of physical and digital art like never before. Rare.Market is a new kind of auction company using technologies, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to facilitate the sale of physical and digital artwork on the blockchain.   Through the partnership,… Read More >

Confidence Returns: Art Market Report Q1 2021

Recent analysis by Artprice reveals that the art market remains robust despite significant ongoing turbulence caused by the global pandemic. Positive COVID-19 vac- cine news in the final months of 2020 had markets looking to 2021 with optimism, and hope for a return to something more “normal.” Many investors retreated to cash in a year… Read More >

“A Reflection Of The Now”: Panik Introduces New Collection

Panik introduces his new collection inspired by the limitations and introversions of a locked-down world: “Physical interaction with the outside world has always been key for me. I never liked computer games growing up, my attention span wouldn’t allow me to get lost in the world of fictional books, and Sci-fi or fantasy films were… Read More >

Introducing William Fortescue

Talented wildlife photographer William Fortescue is driven by his passionate desire to depict wild animals in their natural environment, undisturbed by human interference. Upon leaving school he went to work in the Masai Mara, one of Africa’s most popular game reserves, as an intern for Governors’ Camp Collection. Here William learnt how to host safaris, run… Read More >

Contemporary Art Blossoms Despite Covid-19

In the past 20 years the number of auction houses participating in the Contemporary art market has close to doubled and the number of lots sold has multiplied by six. Formerly a very small segment of the overall art market, the Contemporary art segment now accounts for 15% of the global art market. Driving this… Read More >

Rachel Chamberlain Print Competition

We’re giving one lucky individual the opportunity to win an exclusive Rachel Chamberlain PRINT of their choice. Rachel uses mantras and meditations as an effective tool to raise her frequency. Her paintings capture her voice in harmony with the universe in color and light. Oil paint and gold leaf create an interplay where light, color,… Read More >

Are Online Art Sales The Future?

As a result of the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global art market is now more innovative, more digital, and consequently more accessible to more people. Many of the world’s leading art fairs and galleries turned to online sales to keep their sales buoyant and online viewing rooms have quickly become the norm over… Read More >

Introducing Symble

We’re very proud to announce a brand-new addition to the Red Eight family, the talented Symble who is making waves on the London art scene and beyond. Born and raised in gritty south London, Symble grew up in a big family of five brothers and a sister. Whilst his brothers kicked footballs around the 6-year-old… Read More >

The Art Market In 2020

2020 was a year like no other, and economies and markets across the globe are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic as we head into 2021. Here we take a look back at how the art world weathered the storms of 2020, as well as looking with optimism towards 2021 and what this… Read More >

Annual Art Market Report 2020

Red Eight Gallery has just released our dedicated Annual Art Market Report 2020 featuring expert analysis of how the art world has risen to the difficulties of the past year. Key trends include the rapid rise of online auctions and virtual exhibitions, as well as greater market accessibility and growing participation from newer and younger… Read More >

Limited Edition Rachel Chamberlain Print Run

I am very proud to announce the release of a Red Eight Gallery exclusive print drop with Rachel Chamberlain. We have been working with Rachel for a number of years and have seen a great response to her work. Typically she produces large format Oil on Canvas work priced between £12-30k. Rachel uses mantras and meditations as… Read More >