‘An Ant’s View’ – Amboseli, Kenya

Size: Standard: 48” x 35” Large: 73”x52” (Framed)

Materials: Innova Etching 315 gsm cotton rag paper

    There is nothing that makes you feel quite so small than having a six tonne elephant standing over you.

    ‘Vronksy’, one of Amboseli’s largest bull elephants, cuts an impressive figure even from a distance. His tusks are both enormous and yet remain close to symmetrical, an unusual trait for an elephant of that age as they, like humans, are one side dominant.

    This often means that over time one tusk may erode a little and appear shorter, for Vronsky though both remain in tact and mightily resplendent.

    Given how much of a presence he conveyed from one hundred meters away as he walked towards us, it was remarkable to then feel that increase as he got nearer before finally towering over our car. He was curious but gentle, moving around the vehicle and checking on different parts of it, giving particular attention to our radio antenna, and then standing next to where I lay, flat on the ground, looking out of the gap where the land rover door once was – It had been removed to enable me a lower angle to photograph from).

    His tusks swayed just a few feet from my face, my camera, luckily silent in taking images, trying to get as much of his body in the frame as possible. Even with a wide angle lens, at that proximity, this is all I could get in the shot.

    As with all images in this collection, 10% of the proceeds from this image will be split between David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Saving The Wild, my two partnered charities. It is thanks to the eorts of dedicated individuals and organisations like these that I, and many others, are able to still enjoy the incredible wildlife Africa has to oer. It is imperative to me therefore, that my images are able to help them achieve their missions and amplify their message.