Artists Reflect On The Covid-19 Pandemic

Against a backdrop of unprecedented global upheaval and untold loss, the Covid-19 pandemic has also given many of us time to reflect on the status quo. For many in the art world, the present situation we find ourselves in has presented an inspiring opportunity to imagine and create a better world and embrace a new way of working and living.

Our very own Rachel Chamberlain is one of the artists who has made a heartfelt response to the pandemic with her new series entitled “The Thin Line Between Destiny and Fate”. Rachel’s abstract works are infused with both a love for life and a quest for meaningful connection with the world around us. Key to her artistic practice is the use of mantras and meditation which allow Rachel to access and unleash a remarkable form of creativity onto the canvas.

Her new series reflects the dramatic changes imposed by the global pandemic, interpreting the current season as a “time of massive shift and awakening”. This new body of work shows a clear connection to her previous abstract pieces, but with the renewed deliberacy and greater poignancy of an artist attempting to understand an altered reality. The canvas captures a sense of the chaos of these turbulent times, but also a sense of the relentless hope that surfaces in the darkest of situations.

“There is a battle for the soul of this planet. Like a powerful earthquake, the collective energy is shaking and shifting the world around us,” Rachel says, explaining how the current pandemic has influenced her new work. “Through this tumult, a new collective path will emerge and with that, a new vision for the future. There is a thin line between fate and destiny. When we follow our heart and take action from a place of sincerity, our destiny is activated. Only when we persevere with strength, clarity, and compassion can we shape our connection with the Universe.

It is our earthly mission to create a field of love to bring about a more unified tomorrow. We must raise our individual vibration and the frequency of our sphere of influence to foster connection with one another. Only then can we escape the path of fate and move out of darkness and into light. These works are a reflection of our personal power to influence our collective destiny.”

For more information about “The Thin Line Between Destiny and Fate” or any of Rachel’s other works, please contact Red8 Gallery.