Youssef Boubekeur

The Bic pen has become the tool of choice for Youssef Boubekeur who uses it almost exclusively. The line of the ballpoint pen is at the same time precise… and indelible. It forces the artist to build with, and on his mistakes, he fully integrates this into its creative process. His art is an art of precision and spontaneity, he works his drawings as one sculpts the material.

Using the ballpoint pen is also a pleasure of diversion, idea in the work of Youssef Boubekeur. Create the spectacular from the mundane, to give birth to the “beautiful” by means of a simple instrument of everyday life, known and used by all, that could not displease this lovers of street art, anxious to place art at the heart of everyday life. Youssef Boubekeur draws almost exclusively with the blue “Bic”. Thus, his drawings of soft monochromes, reveal their precision and hyper-realism and all their beauty.

Youssef Boubekeur met the French artist JR, who in 2007 trained him in a street art project in Israel and Palestine, the now famous Face2Face project. Subsequently, the artist regularly participated in JR’s various projects around the world. The influence of street art to Youssef Boubekeur is a no-brainer. It manifests itself in its attraction for large format works and for its desire for simple art, generous and funny, addressing as many people as possible.