William Fortescue

The cornerstone of William’s photography is the desire to depict wild animals in their natural environment; “My presence should have no great influence on their behaviour for in doing so the image will no longer be what I strive for; natural”.

With an instantly recognisable style, William’s internationally acclaimed work has sold around the world and been utilised to raise vital funding for a variety of charitable organisations as well as being included in the globally renowned fundraiser, Prints for Wildlife.

A first class degree in Marine and Natural History Photography, with three years of training under leading industry professionals, followed by three subsequent years working as a resident photographer in Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve provided William the ideal platform to develop his own style and launch his career.

Now 27, William has carved his path in one of the most competitive industries going. Having swapped a cottage in the Mara for a flat in Brixton, his work hangs along side the likes of Banksy and Damien Hirst at Red Eight Gallery in Central London, something he’d have never imagined when first picking up a camera aged 16.

“For me photography has always been a form of expression, an attempt to explain to everyone how you see the world around you. Having originally discovered photography through sport, it was in my late teens I switched to working with wildlife and I’ve never looked back.

Even now, eleven years after I first picked up a camera, the buzz I get when everything’s fallen in to place and we get ‘the’ shot of a wild animal is unbeatable. Hopefully that remains the case for as long as I have a camera in my hand.”

With William’s work so heavily focussed on wildlife, 2021 was all about fostering new conservation partnerships. Collaborations with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Saving the Wild translated in to two long term partnerships, with 10% of the proceeds from all print sales being donated to the two of them.

Partnerships like this are vital given the current trajectory the natural world has been headed, through no fault of its own.

In 2021 William co-founded the safari company Armstrong Fortescue with long term safari guide Matthew Armstrong Ford. Specialising in guided photographic safaris, with expeditions to search for polar bears, snow leopards, gorilla, tiger, lion and many others, their trips cater to all level of photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

“With the way people view travel now, placing greater emphasis on doing so with purpose, we wanted to offer people the chance to visit some of the most remote locations in the world and view wildlife at its rawest. We’ve taken great care to craft itineraries that combine phenomenal wildlife viewing with stylish travel, partnering with Terra Neutra to ensure all our trips are carbon neutral.”

Their first trips take flight in Spring 2022.