Rachel Chamberlain

Everything and everyone is vibrating at its own frequency.  When our vibration is elevated, our desires are set in motion, our path becomes clear, and we exist more harmoniously with one another. On the other hand, waves of negativity, self-doubt, and disharmony create obstacles and a discordance with our destiny. So how can we raise our vibration?

Like the strings of an instrument, each of our voices provides a channel to the universe. By tuning into the music of the cosmos, we are able to lighten our load and are inspired to take action toward success and fulfillment. The cosmos will clear the path.

Rachel uses mantras and meditations as an effective tool to raise her frequency. Her paintings capture her voice in harmony with the universe in color and light. Oil paint and gold leaf create an interplay where light, color, and sound come together in dynamic synergy in large scale paintings.

Her art is hung internationally and her clients include friends, celebrities, royals, diplomats, and hoteliers. She lives in the foothills of Salt Lake City with her husband and their four beautiful children.