Lisa Thomson


The work in this solo exhibition explores  themes  of female empowerment,  fragility and resilience.  Inspiration has been drawn from the women in my life as well as Iconic females who have shifted our culture in meaningful ways over the years. Bold colour combinations are used  to define the many layers to an individual’s personality making each piece completely unique. Society has tried to fix women into certain stereotypes,  of which I aim to challenge in my artwork. There will be some new additions to my ‘I am Woman’ series, which explores the beauty and strength of the female  body. These  pieces  portray joy, passion, but also this raw sense  of vulnerability which I hope evokes  the viewer  to self reflect. 

Iconic females  have been the source  of my most recent works. Portraits of some of the most influential artists  such as Frida Kahlo and Japanese  artist Yayoi Kusama are featured in distinctive palettes,  inspired by each Icons energy. As a young female  in the art world,  I wanted to pay tribute to the great female  artists who have left a lasting mark on our cultural landscape.