Abstract artist, Nick Bultman, rises to fame in just 18 months

We are thrilled to be representing outstanding abstract artist Nick Bultman, hailing all the way from Gilbert, Arizona. 

In just 18 months, Nick has skyrocketed to viral success and has more than 250,000 followers across social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. 

His one-of-a-kind pieces have caught the eye of many well-known celebrities, such as fashion model Winnie Harlow, professional golfer Morgan Hoffman, stand-up comedian Rachel Wolfson, producer and Dj Illenium, and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. 

Coming from a corporate background in sales and engineering, Nick became increasingly frustrated with the lack of freedom to express his deepest artistic intuitions. Deciding to take his creative calling seriously, he took the leap from making art as a hobby to sharing it with the masses.

And we’re so glad he did! 

A fan of Nick’s work recently posted about one of his most popular works, “Equinox”:

“Nick’s art is contagious. What started as one print has quickly expanded to one of each. There is a depth to Equinox that expands and contracts depending on the angle viewed and/or lighting. It is an amazing piece, and I would highly recommend including Equinox as part of your own collection.”

Nick Bultman’s “Equinox”

With no formal art training, Nick quite clearly has a natural talent for the creative arts.

He uses a unique blend of computerised digital graffiti-style images with natural paint splashed over the top to highlight the contrast between the digital and physical worlds. 

The artist says, “in the majority of my work, I endeavour to show a sharp juxtaposition between symmetrical lines and natural paint movements. This makes my paintings stand out rather than blend into their surroundings.”

Nick’s creations are really quite something to behold, as is his process of creating the art. He spends 90% of his time mixing paints, preparing canvases, masking, planning and executing digital renders. But he says the real magic is in one single focused moment – after several attempts on practice canvases, he paints over the prepared canvas. Nick explains, “my brain shuts off, and my body becomes one with my utensil. Since every muscle movement critically affects the overall composition, I will only attempt the movement when I’m prepared and in a flow state.”

Nick continues to push boundaries with his technique, drawing from his interests in science, technology, engineering and creative arts and creating something that’s never been done before. 

It’s important for Nick that people have an immersive, sensory experience when looking at his art, inspiring and igniting their own creativity. He says, “I want people to feel the energy behind my paintings and be inspired by each work’s energy and motion; I want people’s immediate senses to be captivated by the unique forms; I want their imagination to run free with how those forms resonate with them.”
Check out Nick’s work here, testimonials, and prints for sale. You can also reach Nick directly by sending a message through our contact page or sending him a DM @nbultman_art on Instagram.