“A Reflection Of The Now”: Panik Introduces New Collection

Panik introduces his new collection inspired by the limitations and introversions of a locked-down world:

“Physical interaction with the outside world has always been key for me. I never liked computer games growing up, my attention span wouldn’t allow me to get lost in the world of fictional books, and Sci-fi or fantasy films were of no interest to me either. Essentially if it didn’t involve real world physicality, romance and depth then it rarely captured my imagination.

When you’re programmed this way, inspiration can be hard to come by once the world shuts down, the borders are closed and it’s cold outside. So far 2021 has provided little room to manoeuvre.

As a result, I began the year creating work referencing my childhood – a natural response to a world providing more time to reflect, and a life spent increasingly indoors with my own children – but the past is neither a sustainable source of inspiration or a healthy place for your mind to reside.

This new body of work doesn’t act as a visual journal for a life that weaves in and out of changing environments and heightened situations – nor does it explore the attic – It’s a reflection of the now. It focuses on primitive mark-making to express daily emotions, once confronting yourself and the present task of looking after only what’s important, in a world void of external distractions – and it’s by no means a bad place to be.”